There are different ways through which carpets are cleaned. Some people use vacuum cleaner to clean their carpet but professional carpet cleaning services use other methods. The two methods that are commonly used are dry cleaning and steam cleaning. These two methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, and each involves its own peculiar process.Their effectiveness, perks and flaws also differ.

The differences includes:

  1. Level of Wetness.

    In Steam cleaning, a stream of very hot water is used and cleaning solution is pushed deep into a carpet to clean it. The water is suctioned out afterwards while Dry cleaning make use of very little water and doesn’t use cleaning solutions and detergents in cleaning carpets.

  2. Use of Chemicals.

    Dry cleaning make use of strong chemicals that interact with the dirt in the carpet and then break it down, but in steam cleaning, hot water is used at high pressure with a cleaning solution. Twthe amount of chemicals used here is lesser than what is used in dry cleaning.

  3. The use of Machines.

    The machines used in steam cleaning are more powerful than what is used in dry cleaning because steam cleaning needs the water jet to be of high pressure and hot. Dry cleaning only requires a machine to apply the chemicals into the carpet and then vacuum it out with the dirt once it is done. The last time i hired anĀ O’Fallon carpet cleaners, i was marveled at the machines they use.

  4. Time taken to dry.

    This difference directly affect home owners because with dry cleaning, it takes the carpet a few hours to get dry and the home owner can step on the carpet after a few hours of cleaning. But with steam cleaning, water will have being used on the carpet and it will be a bit damp after the process. Therefore, it is advisable to not step on the carpet for at least 24 hours or more so that it can dry completely without getting any marks.